Back in the Game…Again

I'm not a huge proponent of New Year's resolutions, but given that have quite a few music-related goals I've actively pursuing, I suppose 2014 is an auspicious year. For starters, the album is coming together: I can now literally hear what I envisioned early on in my head in the latest demos. As we flesh out all the parts, the attitude and vibe is right where I want it to be; I think the end result will be entirely worth all the time (and seriously delayed schedule!).

After two years (gasp - that's a little embarrassing to admit) - I'm finally performing again. Taking the new songs out for public consumption, shaking off the cobwebs (so to speak) and starting to connect with the moment of a live performance is a great thing. It definitely was a bumpy start ;P - but it's coming along.

And writing! I'm writing again - on both piano and guitar - in a consistent, prolific way and I'm loving it.

So in a nutshell: more live music (performing AND consuming), more songwriting, and finish the freakin' album already! Sounds like a good year to me.