Change of Scene

I am currently in NH (coincidently for the holiday - - happy fourth of July!) and am definitely having an introverted moment. Technically, per Myers-Briggs anyway, I am an extrovert, but quite frankly, I think I fall somewhere toward the middle of the scale. Once I'm alone, it's hard to be with people again; I've got to ease into it slowly. Thus, having a change of scene all to myself is rather refreshing. Plus, I've got 24-hour access to the piano and I'm having a blast writing.

Taking a break from 'all album, all the time' mode is a good thing, but it's hard to watch the summer slip away from me slowly and wish that we were progressing faster than we are with pre-production. That said, we've got two more demos to track and the rest are in really good shape, so I'm still targeting mid to late August for studio time. Speaking of that, any studio recommendations??