If I Had the Roadmap, I'd Already Be There

I have lamented the challenges of having a dream and no direction as to how achieve said dream so many times. I used to wish I wanted to be a doctor: this is a profession with obvious milestones; a clear direction. It's not an easy path - hardly so! - but if you work hard, it IS an achievable path. I've wanted such a roadmap for a music career most of my life. But alas, if it were really that easy, we'd all be working musicians, wouldn't we?

I'm purposely glib, but the sentiment is true: if it's easy to do, then there's nothing stopping us. But it's not easy; so now what? How do you get from A to Z when you don't even know how to get from A to B? Some of the best advice I've ever heard is to stop trolling the internet for how-tos, stop whining about how hard it is to be in said position and to just start doing....something. When I apply it to my current conundrum, I get easily frustrated: I wish this album was happening a lot faster than it is. But at least it's happening. So there's a B....sort of.

What would you do to make headway on a seemingly undefined path? Do you just start running? And if so, what does that mean to you and your creative pursuits? I've been told you need to be prepared to fail and to 'fail with style'.... and since failing is an action, it's definitely better than sitting on the couch mentally paralyzed by unknowns. Given this advice, my goal is to keep chipping away at tangible achievements: write, write, write; arrange, arrange, arrange; record, record, record. But the progress is still slow going and can be disheartening. Any recommendations for keeping positive?

I love Julia Cameron's Morning Pages idea. It really takes to heart the notion of 'just doing something!.' I'm thinking of modifying the idea a bit so that it applies to songwriting, but to start, I'll just write whatever comes to mind,

Here's to getting things done!