Brave New World: USB Microphones

Recording for the new album progresses slowly (slow but sure!) and since most of my recording microphones are at the 'studio' (a.k.a. Ken's studio) , I decided now was a good time to experiment with USB microphones for an additional home studio solution (for demos, etc.). Per my research, there are a number of potentially great options out there. I was quite interested in the the Shure PG42, which is touted as an excellent vocal mic. In addition, another option is the all-around PG57, which would probably be better for my purposes since I'm looking to record acoustic guitars and a piano as well as vocals. That said, I was feeling spur of the moment, and since I had recently read this review, I decided to just impulse buy the Yeti USB mic by Blue.

Read the review, as I'm inclined to agree with the feedback (no pun intended). I need to play around with it some more to determine the best way to mic the piano in particular. I'm getting some strange slight static sounds on loud staccato chords, but it may just take some finessing with the mic placement. Most likely the static is from vibrations of the instrument itself - I placed the mic on the piano and tried out a number of different locations - would you agree?

Stay tuned - I'll share some demos once I'm happy with the recording quality and tones.